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Global Citizenship: Exploring the refugee crisis and movement of people

The world is currently experiencing the largest refugee crisis on record. In 2015, an average of 24 people were displaced from their homes every single minute of every day. At the end of 2015, 65.3 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide (UNHCR Global Trends 2015). This is 5.8 million more than the previous year. Stories about refugees, asylum seekers and migrants appear in the news on a daily basis. Why are people moving? What impact does this have on the world?

ChangeMakers is a global citizenship project which gives learners the opportunity to learn and think critically about these issues, before planning and taking appropriate action to create positive change.

Schools and colleges in Wales can apply to take part in ChangeMakers. The deadline for applications is Friday 12 January 2017.

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Who can take part?

Change Makers is for groups of learners aged 14-18 years in schools and colleges in Wales. The project would be ideal for Welsh Baccalaureate learners, however learners don’t have to be studying for the Welsh Baccalaureate to take part. All schools and colleges in Wales are encouraged to apply. If you are a Welsh-medium school/college, please note that the workshop facilitator(s) might not be a fluent Welsh speaker(s), but every effort will be make to ensure that materials used with learners will be available in the preferred language of the group (English or Welsh.

What does it involve?

The responsible teacher from the school/college should complete the application form, with input from learners encouraged. The ChangeMakers group should be made up of 12-20 learners. This year there are spaces for four ChangeMakers schools.

We will run a full-day series of workshops at each of the selected ChangeMakers schools. The workshops will support learners to;

  • explore the current refugee crisis and the movement of people, including migration
  • think critically about these issues in response to a variety of stimuli
  • hear from a refugee or asylum seeker living in Wales
  • learn about what others are doing to create positive change
  • design and run peer education projects.

What are the peer education projects?

This year ChangeMakers schools will have the opportunity learn about what different people and groups are doing to create positive change in relation to the Refugee Crisis. They will think about what particular issues they want to influence and how they can do this. Activities can include:

  • running workshops with other learners
  • organising an event in their school/college or local community
  • writing a blog and get it published online or in the local newspaper
  • getting involved with a local refugee organisation
  • working to become a School of Sanctuary
The possibilities are endless! Learners will be able to be as creative as they like!
ChangeMakers is being delivered in parntership by Oxfam Cymru, the Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) and the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). ChangeMakers is funded by the Welsh Government through the British Council Wales International Education Progamme. 

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