(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Networks and Partnerships: Wales Collaborating for Global Health

27 Mawrth 2017
9.00 - 17.00

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Trefnydd: (Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Public Health Wales and the International Health Coordination Centre

Lleoliad: (Cymraeg ddim ar gael)

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(Cymraeg ddim ar gael)

Public Health Wales and the International Health Coordination Centre are delighted to invite you to attend the third Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales Celebration Conference “Networks and Partnerships: Wales Collaborating for Global Health” on the 27th of March 2017, Cardiff.

The conference will focus on how to maximise the benefits of national and international networks, building active and sustainable partnerships and collaborations, as well as celebrating the progress made in the implementation of the Charter for International Health Partnerships in Wales (the Charter) and how it contributes to the global health and sustainable development agenda.

Promoting and supporting international collaboration is at the heart of the work of the IHCC, which provides a focal point for international health work across the NHS in Wales. For the last two years, the IHCC has been actively supporting the implementation of the Charter. With a set of values and principles that all NHS Health Boards and Trusts in Wales pledged to, the Charter is a key tool to continue to drive this agenda forward and is a good example of the NHS being globally responsible in keeping with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

We are very pleased to confirm that Vaughan Gething, AM, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport in Wales, will open this year’s conference and Dr. Christoph Hamelmann, Head of the WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development, will address the event on behalf of the WHO Europe.

We are very much looking forward to celebrating with you this special occasion.

(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Future Inns
(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Hemingway Road
(Cymraeg ddim ar gael) Cardiff
CF10 4AU

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