Gender equality

International Women's Day 

"Gender discrimination blocks progress. Equality makes it possible to achieve huge breakthroughs" --- Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, August 2012.

More than 30 years after the introduction of the Sex Discrimination act in Britain, both men and women continue to be unfairly treated on the grounds of their gender.

The core aim of UNA Wales is to promote a greater equality of opportunity for all men and women across Wales and the World, in the hope of developing a modern female, and male, sense of self (and sense of other). Thus, endorsing a mindset that appreciates difference, but fails to let said differences divide, or allow for discrimination, therefore hoping to propel gender equality into the core thinking of everyday life. UNA Wales works to raise awareness of inequalities, and educate how we can avoid such a problem, although, changing a state of mind is no small task.

UNA Wales’ policies on gender equality are practical, positive, and relevant to Wales, the UK, and the World. We endeavour to challenge archaic modes of thinking, and rally Welsh persons who are in favour of a fairer society.


Aims of UNA Wales

  • To raise awareness of gender inequality; sending a progressive message that urges necessary change, in order to terminate such discrimination.
  • Increase the engagement of women in Welsh society, and therefore facilitate greater debate regarding gender inequality.
  • To provide research and resources for organisations and individuals in Wales, and across the World, in the hope of allowing an exchange of ideas to develop, therefore diffusing a moral message that does not allow for gender discrimination.

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