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Charity Commission Registration

Since May 2014, the WCIA has been a Charitable Incorporated Organisation or CIO (registered charity number 1156822).

From 1973-2014, WCIA was a Charitable Trust No. 259701 (see below).

From January 2020, WCIA and UNA Exchange have merged. As our existing charitable objects are complementary, no change is required to WCIA’s constitution (below) or charity registration / statutes, which cover the work of both organisations going forward.


Annual Reports and Accounts from 2014 onwards2017 Report Screen Grab

Download our annual reports and accounts since 2014:

Annual Reports and Accounts prior to 2014

Until May 2014, the WCIA was a Charitable Trust (registered charity number 259701). The Trustees took the decision to transfer the charity’s assets to the new CIO; see our separate page for information about this change.

2012 Report Screen Grab

Because the CIO is effectively a new charity, the records of the ‘old’ WCIA have been deleted from the Charity Commission’s website. The WCIA is committed to transparency and accountability, so on this page we have provided the previous three years of our annual accounts and trustees’ report to auditors.

WCIA Constitution and Charitable Objects