Celebrate: the Centenary of the Women’s Peace Petition

Following its rediscovery among the Temple of Peace Archives in 2014, researching the story of the 1923 Women’s Peace Petition campaign has been an archival treasure hunt involving volunteers and researchers from all walks of life in Wales and America. Following an initial exhibition of the Memorial by WCIA at the National Library in 2016, the group ‘Heddwch Nain Mamgu’ came together from International Women’s Day 2018, with the aim of supporting the Smithsonian to digitise the petition in time for the campaign’s centenary in 2024.

From 2021, partners came together through Academi Heddwch, Wales’ network of peace researchers, to coordinate a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund in Wales for a programme of activities over the centenary year 2023-24, ‘Hawlio Heddwch’. Awarded and launched from Spring 2023, the project will involve volunteers, schools and community groups Wales-wide.

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The 2023-24 Centenary campaign builds on mobilisation by Heddwch Nain Mamgu, as shown in this clip from International Women’s Day 2018.