Realise the Legacy of the Women’s Peace Petition

The 390,296 women behind Wales’ Peace Petition campaign of 1923-24 were united by a vision for ‘the proud heritage of a warless world’ – a vision shared a hundred years later by those inspired to action by their story.

Over the course of the centenary campaign, the Academi Heddwch partners hope to work with volunteers and community groups Wales-wide to inspire a new generation of peace builders – and to create a legacy for future generations to:

  • access and search through the transcribed petition signatories
  • share the stories of those who participated in the 1923 campaign as digital features
  • digitise archives and materials for future researchers
  • engage with present day campaigns on peace issues
Short video clip about the transcription of ‘Annie’s Diary’ by volunteers in 2019, now available to explore via the ‘History’ section.