#AnniesDiary100 Feb – March 2024: Retracing the America Peace Tour of 1924, #OnThisDay in 2024

Over February – March 2024, Academi Heddwch with WCIA will be ‘Tweeting from the Twenties’ – through social media (via Twitter/ X and Facebook), retracing the steps recounted by ‘Annie’s Diary‘, the little black book kept by Wales’ Women’s Peace Appeal delegation leader Annie Hughes Griffiths as they embarked on their 2 month ‘Peace Tour’ of the United States between 2nd February and 29th March 2024. Twitter posts will be every few days and brief, reflecting the ambitious American travel schedule of our 1924 Peacemakers. Facebook posts will be offer ‘curated highlights’ and themes from each week of the tour. Where possible, posts will be illustrated from archival materials from The National Library of Wales, Temple of Peace and online archives available open source, or with copyright permissions. Academi Heddwch and WCIA are grateful to the Kotschnig Family for sharing letters by Elined Prys, who travelled to the US as one of Wales’ #WomensPeacePetition delegation, through Heddwch Nain US – diolch.

Link here to view Timeline of key dates from the American Peace Tour as recorded through ‘Annie’s Diary’.

Week 1 of #AnniesDiary100 #OnThisDay 2-11 February 1924

London, Liverpool & Transatlantic Crossing

The ‘sendoff at Euston’ of the Welsh delegation to America, Feb 1924.

Week 2 of #AnniesDiary100 #OTD 11-16 February 1924

Arrival in New York City

Week 3 of #AnniesDiary100 #OTD 17-19 February 1924

The Biltmore Luncheon: Women of Wales and America Unite

Week 4 of #AnniesDiary100 #OTD Postings: 20th-24th February 1924

Washington & the White House

Annie-Jane Hughes Griffiths holding the Welsh Women’s Peace Memorial outside the White House, following their meeting with US President Calvin Coolidge; alongside Gladys Thomas, Elined Prys and Mary Ellis. TI Ellis Collections, National Library of Wales

WomensPeacePetition 1924 Tour / 2024 Postings Schedule

The reference table below offers an insight into the postings planned, and archives materials identified tfor each week / stage of the American Peace Tour

Date, Location, Annie’s Diary links FacebookTwitter
London Euston
2nd February 1924
(page 1, pp 2-3 – PCW images 3-4)
WCIA Facebook 1 Feb (Eng)
WCIA Facebook 1 Feb (Cym)
1 Feb Twitter Thread (Eng 1)
1 Feb Twitter Thread (Cym 1)
Diary Quotes (2)
Diary Quotes (3)
Liverpool Docks & Queenstown, Ireland
2nd-3rd February 1924
(pp 4-5, pp 6-7 – PCW images 5-6)
WCIA Facebook 2 Feb (Eng)
WCIA Facebook 2 Feb (Cym)
2 Feb Twitter Thread (Eng 1)
Press Quotes (2)
2 Feb Twitter Cymraeg (Cym 1)
2 Feb Twitter Cymraeg (Cym 2)
3 Feb Twitter Thread (Eng 2)
Transatlantic Voyage
4th-11th February 1924
(pp 8-9, pp 10-11 -PCW images 7-8)
WCIA Facebook 8 Feb (Eng)
WCIA Facebook 8 Feb (Cym)
8 Feb Twitter Thread & Quotes (English)
8 Feb Twitter Thread (Cymraeg)
Arrival in New York
11th February 1924
(pp 12-13, pp 14-15 – PCW images 9-10 P9
11 Feb, Women’s University Club + Belle Barouch & Florence Tuttle
12 Feb, lunch History Round Table + Harriet Burton Laidlaw, Hilary Taft & Mrs Douglas Robinson
13 Feb, tea with Crolys Family
14 Feb – English Speaking Union Club
15 Feb – Town Hall luncheon + Mrs Damrosch
16 Feb – Foreign AII Association Lunch + Ruth Morgan, Charles Levermore
17 Feb – Sunday Church Service with Harry Emerson Fosdick
18 Feb – League of Women Voters
Petition Handover @ The Biltmore, NY
19 February 1924 P10Welsh press diary
19th Feb 1924 – Biltmore Hotel American Women’s Luncheon, Annie & Elined speeches + Harriet Burton Laidlaw, Carrie Chapman Catt, Ruth Morgan, Foorence Tuttle, Eleanor Roosevelt
To Washington  P1220th Feb – train to Washington DC.
American Association of University Women club
W’ton dinner and presentations + LP Morgan, Grace Abbott
The White House
21 February 1924
21st Feb – White House + President Calvin Coolidge, Secretary CE Hughes, Eastmen, Abrahams
Then League of Women Voters
22nd Feb – sightseeing, Arlington Cemetary, Woodrow Wilson’s Tomb, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Institute + Mrs La Follette
Mary Ellis leaves peace delegation to return home to HMI Schools role in Wales
23rd Feb – Farewell from Ruth Morgan,
Est of American Women’s National Council for Prevention of War
24 February 1924 P15
24th Feb – Train Washington DC to Chicago via NYC – brother David, Abbie
25th Feb – Relaxing, Mr Rees, Interview + ‘The Druid’
26th Feb – Dean of Women’s Colleges Dinner. Talk + Prof Merriam & Mina Kerr
27th – Sightseeing
St David’s Day on the Union Pacific
1 March 1924
28th Feb – Overnight Union Pacific train departure from Chicago
29th Feb – crosiing the Prairies of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Omaha, Rock Springs and to Morgan, Utah for Ogden Canyon.
1st March – Break to see Ogden Canyon;
Eve train to Salt Lake City – no welcome due to St David’s Day celebrations having finished!
Salt Lake City
2 March 1924 P17
2nd March 1924 – Visit to Mormon Tabernacle + William Williams
State senator, Mr James + British Vice Consul, Tom Hughes
Pullman train to Sacramento
San Francisco
3-7 March 1924 P20
3rd Marfch 1924 – Ferry from Oakland to SF, Ramona Hotel 
+ D Hughes and PL Roberts (diary says PJ)
4th Mar – interviews, Chronicle, Golden Gate, Presidio, Museum, sightseeing, museum, + PL Roberts
5th March – drive, Palo Alto, Stanford University + Roberts, Tatlock
6th Mar – day missing in Annie’s Diary
7th Mar – interviews. Welsh chapel address by Annie (see digitised advertising flyer) + Rev Jones of the Welsh Church
Los Angeles
8-12 March 1924 P23
8th March – train to LA, arrived 8.30, Gates Hotel, Interview 
9th – Evergreen Cemetery, Alhambra, Pasadena, Huntington. LA Welsh Chapels talk. Trip with Mrs Williams and Mrs Morgan. JM Saunders’ grave.
10th Mar – sightseeing to Long Beach, studios, Venice Chinese food, Long Beach with Dr Jones.
11th Mar – Prior to train departure LA to Williams Annie given anonymous letter to “get out of town”. NB – Annie got dates mixed in diary – jumps from Sun 9th to Mon 11th 
Grand Canyon
13-14 March 1924 P25
Chicago II
15-16 March 1924 P26
17 March 1924
18-19 March 1924
New York II
19-22 March 1924 P28
American Sendoff
21 March 1924
RMS Olympic to Southampton
22-29 March 1924 P31, P32

Map of the #WomensPeacePetition #AmericaPeaceTour

1 – New York; 2 – Washington; 3 Chicago; 4 Salt Lake City; 5 San Francisco; 6 Los Angeles; 7 Grand Canyon; 8 Colorado; 9 Niagara Falls; 10 Utica; then back to New York (1)