“My WCIA work experience” by Elissa Da Silva

Last week I undertook 3 days of work experience with WCIA. I really enjoyed it, all the staff were amicable and welcoming which was great. 

On the first day, I had an induction with Michi who manages the Global Action program. She went over all the activities that I had in store and encouraged me not to be scared but to have fun. 

The next day, we went to Cardiff University to deliver training for students who will be volunteering abroad this summer.  There were about 35 students at the training session, all getting ready to travel and volunteer for a project in either; India, Thailand or Japan.  The session gave the students lots of great information to take away and think about including safeguarding, ethics and personal principles, culture shock and the value of exchanging ideas and being exposed to other cultures, traditions and people.  They were also taught about what to do when something doesn’t feel right or is inappropriate and who and where to report it.   

During the training I had the responsibility of handing out the permissions slips and making sure we had consent from the students to use their images. If they didn’t tick yes, then I made sure that I didn’t take their photo and publish it.  I also helped with other tasks on the day such as helping with getting refreshments, completing the registration and participating in some of the group discussions with the students. 

Last but not least I wrote this blog covering my time with WCIA.  Honestly, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with WCIA as the staff are very kind and welcoming.   

I found this quote really nicely sums up my time with WCIA and the work that they do across communities, cultures and people: 

“Real dialogue isn’t about talking to people who believe the same things as you.”

Zigmund Bauman.

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