UNA Exchange volunteers join mass beach clean in Pembrokeshire

On 21 February 2018, UNA Exchange volunteers joined National Trust in Stackpole to help with their beach clean in Freshwater West. We’re grateful to the wonderful people from National Trust Stackpole for organising everything and the volunteers had an amazing time helping to keep this precious beach clean.


We arrived at the beach with a little help from the locals working at National Trust in Stackpole and were happy to see so many other volunteers caring about the environment. The cleaning itself lasted a few hours, but to be honest time flew by and we had a great time at Freshwater West. Georgia Quinn, one of our volunteers at the beach, had this to say:“Doing a beach clean was so refreshing, it made me feel amazing and I’m so glad so many people took part to clean such a beautiful place. I think beach cleans are important to keep the environment safe not only for us humans but also for the wildlife. Doing a beach clean isn’t only very helpful it’s really fun, I mean what more do you want than to spend a day on a beautiful beach.”


If you want to join in and help National Trust here is a link of their upcoming beach cleans in Pembrokeshire.