A Fun Guide For Long-Term Volunteers

Dear friends, welcome to a guide on long-term volunteering

Here we’ve gathered a bunch of advice, anecdotes and case studies that will help you to use your Erasmus+ voluntary experience to it’s fullest. Based on true story of UNA Exchange’s communication officer Viktoria Grivina and her Year of Luck.


  1. Choosing EVS in 5 Steps
  2. Amazing Films to Prepare You for Volunteering
  3. 20 Kilos of My Life: How to Pack for a Year of Volunteering
  4. How EVS Can Help Choose a Career
  5. EVS in Wales: Survival Guide
  6. EVS and Days Off – Bohemian Trip
  7. EVS and two months of Christmas: France
  8. EVS and two months of Christmas: UK
  9. A Day in Glasgow with EVS Scotland
  10. Volunteering at an organic farm in Wales
  11. Volunteering at Glastonbury Festival
  12. Story of Detention Action Volunteer about Life Conditions in a UK Detention Centre