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Finding your perfect volunteering adventure couldn’t be easier, just follow our step by step guide to securing your dream placement.

Hit the ‘search for projects’ button at the top of our website and begin your adventure!!!



The only sections you have to complete are your age and gender. Sincere apologies to those, including our staff, who believe that he answer to this question is not a binary one. Unfortunately we did not have control over the design of the database so humble apologies.

The wider the search the more results – you may end up with too many if you are looking between March and June.

You might have seen a project code on a project we are promoting on our website – if so enter it at the bottom.


If you are overwhelmed by the choice available then you can refine your search on the left. Be patient, and the search will do its thing once you have narrowed the criteria

To find out more about a project click on view full details, this will tell you much more about the work, the host, accommodation, the area, leisure opportunities etc. Do please get in touch if you have any questions

You can add your favourites to the basket to view later. You don’t have to decide just yet! You might want to start thinking about your order of preference.

When you have got your shortlist it’s time to click APPLY NOW!!!

This will take you to the application form



Those living in Britain should select ‘United Kingdom’. Emergency contacts are essential, remember to keep this up to date.


Age and Gender

As before with sincere apologies to those, ourselves included, for whom this question does not have a binary answer.

Birth Place

If you were born in the UK you will find this under United Kingdom


A bit odd if British you will find this under ‘G’ for Great Britain

Choose your Work Camps

You can only apply for one project at a time so you should put your first choice at the top of the list. Use the drop down menu to choose from the projects you put in the basket earlier.

If your first choice is unavailable we will try to place you with your second choice and so on. If it is ‘this one or nothing’ for you then just put one choice.

If you wish to go on more than one project you will have to go through the application process a second time – sorry!

Check this box if we should just choose another Work Camp for you

If all your named choices are unavailable and you would like us to choose one for you then then state your availability and country and check the box. We would make excellent choices but if you prefer to choose your own then leave it unchecked.

Do you want to be placed with a friend?

If you want to be placed with a friend it can often be arranged, although you may get more from a solo experience. To make this easier for our partners its best if you apply at the same time.


Motivation and Qualification

Why do you want to participate in a Work Camp?

Please write a brief explanation of why you want to participate, places for some projects are competitive and it may help you stand out. A couple of sentences is fine.


We ask this because it allows the host organisation to plan for the needs of the group. Unless stated camp language is English and while you are encouraged to learn a few words and phrases you do not have to speak any other languages. Be honest.

Have you participated in a Work Camp before?

Again this helps the hosts plan, we do not give preference to those who have or have not but it’s very good to know in advance. If you have to ask you probably haven’t although you can include any short term volunteering you have done.

Review your application

Check all details carefully. If you need to edit then select the relevant stage from the tabs at the top. You may have to re-enter some information but this is only confirmation email and date of birth

Please take time to read the terms and conditions, particularly in relation to cancellation and refund policy. If you are happy then check the box and click ‘Send Application’


You will now be directed to our payment page.

You should immediately receive an e-receipt from that should agree with the application you just made.

At this point we have information about your application but you will not be placed on the project until payment has been received. Its now time to click on the ‘Buy Now’ button from PayPal.

You can choose to pay via your PayPal account or using a debit or credit card. If buying an ordinary workcamp then select Workcamp £225 or whichever amount is appropriate for your project. You will receive confirmation of your payment and be directed back to the UNA exchange website.

Congratulations the application process is complete!!

Because UNA Exchange needs to contact the relevant partner organisation and they need to review the application and accept (or in a very rare case reject) it can take up to 48 hours for confirmation to come through. Please be patient we are on the case of providing you with the volunteer experience to last a lifetime.

If you need to provide a letter of motivation, police check, medical or parental declaration you may be provisionally placed on the project but your place will not be secured until these are provided so don’t delay!!! Contact us if you need any advice on this

You will receive an email confirming your place.

You will receive final project details 3-4 weeks at the latest before your project begins but most will have information necessary for making travel arrangements well before then.

Any problems don’t hesitate to contact us

02920 223088 and ask to speak to Hana, Martina or Laura


Or get in touch via facebook.