Attitudes to Peace Survey



A former Wales for Peace Volunteer developed a survey on Attitudes towards Peace survey

In 2017, Trystan Cullinan, created this survey, for people across Wales and beyond to complete.

Peace is an ideal that is almost universally aspired to, but achieving peace is another matter. Here, Trystan, our WCIA and Wales for Peace volunteer, is conducting peace research in Wales through a short and accessible survey.

He said: “To fully achieve peace we must first understand what it means and what it entails; how does it arise and how can we sustain it? The purpose of this survey is to see what people in Wales, and people further afield, think about peace. What do people value when thinking about peace? I hope it gets you thinking!”

The survey is informed by the Institute of Economics and Peace’s (IEP) Positive Peace reports; their data is empirically derived using the Positive Peace Index. Their eight pillars of peace have had an influential impact on how the survey is structured.

Trystan added: “The scale of our project however is small in comparison therefore there is an emphasis on qualitative data collection; unique individual opinion is what’s important. The value of this survey rest on its ability to balance both qualitative and quantitative aspects.”

Take the survey – it takes up to 5 minutes to complete.