COP28 Climate Negotiation Simulation

In the run-up to the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in the United Arab Emirates, over 80 students aged 16-18 from 10 schools in South Wales took part in a COP28 Climate Negotiation Simulation.  Organised by the British Council in partnership with WCIA, this event took place at the Senedd on 23 November and was sponsored by Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS.  

At this event, students enthusiastically took on the roles of different countries, climate activists, fossil fuel lobbyists and journalists, and worked to agree on a global climate strategy to reduce global temperature rises to no more than 2 degrees C.  To reach these targets in negotiations, they used C-Roads computer software developed by Climate Interactive and MIT to create a real-life climate simulation. This was facilitated by Dan Boyden and Dr Caroline Wainwright, lecturer in climate change at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Cardiff University.  In addition, Julie James MS,  Minister for Climate Change, gave an inspiring address to students on the impact that they could have on tackling the climate crisis.  

The event was a brilliant success, with students and teachers commenting on how much they had learned from the day and enjoyed working with other schools.  The facilitators and staff commented on the high standard of contributions from students and how passionately they had taken on their roles.  New relationships were formed between WCIA and participating schools, and thanking staff and students for their hard work Amber Demetrius said:

“We were extremely impressed by the level of preparation that students had undertaken prior to the event and the level of professionalism and insight they demonstrated on the day. The way in which they approached the complex negotiations involved on behalf of their allocated roles was wonderful to see and their interactions with other schools were similarly fruitful.”

The event featured on S4C, and coverage from the day is available here: