Talking sustainability at People Planet Pints 

Wed 9 August 2023. WCIA staff came along to the monthly People Planet Pints event hosted at Zero Degrees in Cardiff. It’s an informal event that brings together people from a variety of sectors, from business to local government, students, consultants and everything in-between. There is no agenda, no workshops or webinars, just chatting about all things sustainability in a casual and relaxed session.  

Conversations ranged from challenges and solutions that industry and local business are facing when it comes to their commitments to reaching net zero and being more sustainable, up to discussing wider global and political trends within the sustainability movement. 

Catherine Arnold from Environment Platform Wales who attended the event summed up what she hoped to get from People Planet Pints 

‘We are here to meet Cardiff based environmental organisations, to share work and find out about ways to deal with different aspects of climate change.’ 

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