EVS Menorca – Environment

If you are interested in learning about environment, this EVS opportunity on the island of Menorca is a great chance to really make a difference, gain working experience, meet new friends and feel the beauty of nature.



This project involves the volunteer in different environmental conservation projects that GOB Menorca carries out (The Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals, The Nursery Garden for indigenous plants, environmental education, volunteer management, etc).

The volunteer will participate at least once a week at the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals, offering technical help with the management of the animals in care (feeding, maintenance of the installations, coordinating the team of volunteers, etc). During the summer, when the Centre opens to the public, more activities are carried out there, such as giving attention to the visitors, developing themed activities, etc. Also, during the breeding season, the volunteer will take an active part in the campaign for the adoption of orphaned chicks. Moreover the volunteer will participate actively in the Environmental Education Service, taking part in school activities such as excursions, storytelling, workshops, environmental awareness campaigns, as well working on the GOB data base, keeping a photographic archive of the activities and supplying help in improving the educational materials, among other tasks.

In addition, the volunteer will offer support to the Nursery Garden for indigenous plants generally once a week (specific tasks are developed for the care of the autochthonous, ecologically certified plants as well as for other projects as needed.) The volunteer must be flexible and be able to assume other activities proposed by the Group, as they are not always routine and can vary according to the time of the year. The volunteer will help with office work at the GOB headquarters.

More information here: GOB_EVS_General_Short .

When does the project start? October 2017 for 12 months.

What does it cost? This project is a European Voluntary Service project under the Erasmus + programme and therefore fully funded through the European Commission.

Except for the travel, you may have to contribute towards some or all of your travel costs to this project as it is a replacement for a volunteer who fell ill and therefore the budget has been used up.

Who can apply?  People with special motivation to work with environment aged 18-30 at time of application, UK resident before and after departure, valid passport for at least 6 months year after end of activity.  No criminal records. 

How can I apply

  1. Please, at that time send us your CV and a specific motivation letter for the project in which you would like to participate to mbau@gobmenorca.com
    Please note that there will be a Skype interview.

Deadline: 22 March, 2017.