EVS Opportunity in Belgium

If you are interested in gaining experience working young people, this EVS project in Belgium will provide you with an opportunity to acquire many skills and to work with many young people from many different backgrounds in the town of Marche-en-Famenne.



The project will take place in Marche-en-Famenne in Belgium. The organisation is looking for one volunteer to support the running of various youth club activities such as: artistic workshops; sport activities; organisation of cultural events and free time activities in the youth club.  The youth club is open almost every day of the week after school ends, organizes more than 10 musical concerts every year as well as different trainings (magic, drums, pictures…) corresponding to holidays period at school.  The volunteer will be involved in all these activities and will be able to propose his/her own after school activities. They will also work sometimes in partnership with other local youth and social organisations.  

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When does the projects start? February/March 2017 until February/March 2018 for 12 months.   

What does it cost? This project is a European Voluntary Service project under the Erasmus + programme and therefore fully funded through the European Commission.

Who can apply? Anyone aged 18-30 at time of application, UK resident before and after departure, valid passport for at least 6 months after the end of activity.  No criminal record.

How can I apply? Each application must send
1. A CV and
2. A project related motivation letter explaining why the volunteer wants to take part in the project.
To evs@compagnonsbatisseurs.be 

Deadline: September 4th 2016