EVS Vacancy in Berlin, Germany

Volunteer Abroad Project in Berlin in a Kindergarten for refugee children and from difficult social backgrounds

EVS Berlin September

Ijgd Berlin is the coordinating organisation of the project called “EVS with ijgd in social projects in Berlin”. Ijgd is one of the biggest and eldest organisations for volunteering in Germany, our project “EVS in Berlin” is quite small though, with 15-18 participants. The project will be host by the organisation Nestwärme. The goal and the reason of the foundation was the integration of families and children affected by HIV/AIDS and healthy families and children. Since that time the association could enlarge and develop its program. 


The Kita Ritterburg is located in Berlin Kreuzberg, since 2001 the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Before the fall of the wall, Kreuzberg was located at the periphery of the western part of town. Today it is located in the middle of Berlin. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is one of the districts that connects east and west. It is the smallest district, but the district with the most inhabitants and the youngest average age. Kreuzberg is a multicultural part of town that is well-known also outside of Berlin.

In the familiarisation phase the volunteers will be introduced to the way the organisation work through step by step programme and will soon become acquainted to the activities and everyday life of the Kita Nestwärme respectively Kita Ritterburg.  Instead of viewing disability as an illness, or something out of the ordinary or as a deficit, we focus our attention on the individual ability and grade of development of every child.

The role of the volunteers: the number of staff-members covers the care- and education-work of the Kitas also in correspondence to the administrative requirements. The volunteers are additional helping persons and for the kids “special” contact persons. It is all about new experiences for both sides in the daily work. The volunteer is highly encouraged to introduce his/her home country in a project to the children.

More information here and here.


When do the project start? Start 1-4 September 2016 – 31 August 2017 (12 months)


Who can apply? Anyone aged 18-30 – English Native Speakers welcome


How can I apply? Please send your CV and cover letter to:  henrik.drewes@ijgd.de

APPLICATION DEADLINE – As soon as possible