Volunteer Abroad Project in France

If you have 4 months free time, then this long term volunteering abroad project in France is a great opportunity to really make a difference, gain working experience, meet new friends and travel Europe.

EVS France Celebration Festivals


“Un an autrement” promote the European mobility and celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the EVS through a European Student Village.

In September, for the European Day of Languages, they will also participate in a big event called “ZE DICTEE”, a dictation for students in foreign languages.

In October and November, the volunteer will tour along the region to promote mobility and language learning in high schools.

Finally, in December, the volunteer will go with others volunteers in schools so that they can share with the pupils traditions of their home country about Christmas and New Years Eve.

When do the project start? August 28 2016 – December 28 2016

Who can apply? Anyone aged 18-30 

How can I apply? Please send your CV and cover letter to: info@europedirect-picardie.eu

Apply as soon as possible