Volunteering at Grayhill farm

UNA Exchange volunteers spent a week filled with loads of activities at the Grayhill farm over the Easter weekend. We travelled back in time to the 16th and 17th century with no electricity, or running water, and sitting by the fire telling each other jokes while eating dinner by the candlelight. The local volunteers have been renovating the farm for decades and UNA Exchange helped with making the farm ready for living history events in the summer.

Supported volunteers at Grayhill Farm, Monmouthshire, Easter 2018

We are really proud of our volunteers for getting so much work done over the week. We dug a lot of ground, helped make a hovel, carried wood, made hedges, carved pegs, and the list of jobs goes on and on. It’s really amazing how much we managed to do in this one week. Even though the work could be hard, we kept our spirits up and laughed a lot. I think being away from civilisation gave us perspective and took us back to a simpler time with no phones to bury our noses in or TV to distract us from bonding with people and having fun while getting to know others. As a group leader I can honestly say our volunteers were the best, and really made our job of supervising them super easy.

Furthermore, we are grateful for the volunteers of Grayhill farm for welcoming us into their family. A big thank you to Stuart for organising the work and an even bigger thank you to Gilly for cooking the most amazing food over the open fire. And to everyone else at the Grayhill farm: thanks for the laughs!

Supported volunteers at Grayhill Farm, Monmouthshire, Easter 2018

“It was an amazingly unique experience. And I am happy that I got to share it with some amazing people.” – James
“I give 9.5 As it was an experience I won’t forget about, had new skills made aswell which is very nice.” -Tobias