What makes a good global citizen?

Work experience volunteer Daisy shares her reflections on what makes a global citizen:

A global citizen is someone who understands and is aware of the world and their place in it. They take an active role in their community and work with others to make the planet more peaceful, sustainable and fairer. Good global citizens volunteer regularly to help out charities and organizations, they also travel as much as possible to explore the globe and the people who live on it. A good global citizen educates people on how to care for the world.

Good global citizens respect culture, gender, faith and other differences. To be a good global citizen you can be patriotic, give back to the community and be a productive member of society.

Good global citizens have care and compassion for others, they always try their best and are honest and trustworthy.

Global citizens are willing to help and cooperate with others, they have their own ideas and express them but are open to changing them if proved wrong.

Global citizens are curious and want to learn more about the world. They look after the environment and don’t waste things. Diversity, independence, empathy and perspective are essential values of global citizenship.

Being a global citizen can be powerful because a globally minded individual who takes political, social and economic roles can have a large impact.