Misinformation as a Tool of War: Past & Present

Alexey Kovalev, Investigative Editor at Meduza, and Dr. Tetyana Pavlush, Lecturer in Modern European History at Cardiff University.spoke at an online Misinformation as a Tool of War: Past & Present on September 15 2022. They explored how and why misinformation has been weaponised in conflict.

Alexey Kovalev said:

Fact checking doesn’t really help on its own – it takes strong cognitive dissonance before people even start to question misinformation but even then it’s not guaranteed“.

With our panel of experts, we delved into the past and present use of misinformation, using examples from history and the present day, to see why misinformation is used on a state level and how it can be combatted by independent media outlets and journalists.

Vice Chancellor of Cardiff University, Professor Colin Riordan chaired the event hosted by Academi Heddwch.

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