Lift the Ban

Asylum Matters

Asylum Matters, in coalition with more than 80 other charities, think tanks, faith groups, businesses and trade unions have launched the ‘Lift the Ban’ campaign, calling on the Government to grant the right to work to people seeking asylum, unconstrained by the Shortage Occupation List.


Lift the Ban Research Graph

This campaign is based on recent research conducted by “Asylum Matters” that can be found here

Primarily, the research highlights that policy change would provide benefits such as:

  • Strengthen people’s chances of being able to integrate into their new communities
  • Allow people seeking asylum to live in dignity and to provide for themselves and their families
  • Give people the opportunity to use their skills and make the most of their potential
  • Improve the mental health of all people in the asylum system
  • Help to challenge forced labour, exploitation, and modern slavery

The research concludes that there is a strong level of public support for these policy changes

Ways to get involved


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