The Big Shift – Christian Aid


Arising from pledges set in the Paris Agreement of 2015 to stop global temperatures rising above two degrees, Christian Aid have launched a campaign to reduce fossil fuel investment by major banks.

WCIA has been active in fossil fuel disinvestment

“Our trustees decided to shift all our investments away from fossil fuels a couple of years ago. Because we have relatively small investments, the company we were with were not prepared to support this ethical move, so we changed to a new investment manager”

Susie Ventris-Field, Chief Executive


Christian Aid’s initial research highlights that the biggest banks in the UK are much more invested in fossil fuels than in renewable energy, none of them have a clear timebound plan or commitment to reverse this current balance.

We looked at whether the biggest UK headquartered banks and asset managers are doing enough to accelerate the shift to this sustainable economy

Christian Aid “Our future in their plans” (November, 2016)

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Access a template to email your bank about fossil fuel disinvestment here