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Ellie’s Work Experience

My time at the WCIA

by Ellie Kimpton 

What did you do during your week?

During my week of work experience at the WCIA, I mostly helped towards the preparations for the Mock COP on Thursday (11/7/19), made 2 bilingual Facebook posts, wrote 2 blogs and translated English documents into Welsh amongst other things.

Highlight of your week?

The highlight of my week was definitely the Mock COP event itself.

I had no idea of the enthusiasm and innovative ideas these teenagers had for Climate Change (which was the topic), which was so refreshing to listen to.

What surprised you the most?

The atmosphere. Everyone there is so friendly and supportive.

What did you find challenging?

For me personally, the technology was a struggle. As everything there was mainly technology based, my knowledge of technology was quite basic. I had never used XCEL before which is a frequently used programme there, however as I said, everyone there is really supportive and so I soon learnt what was what.

What skills did you develop?

I would definitely say I benefited from this week of work experience greatly. Not only regarding important skills like teamwork, communication (the meetings) and problem solving (no Wi-Fi, no printer) but ones like confidence and independence. I was definitely surprised how independent I was by the end of the week. Being a secondary school student, using and developing these important skills like initiative and being independent isn’t practised often or indeed enough but I am definitely more confident in making decisions now rather than relying on constant validation from others when completing a task.

And of course one of the most important skills I was looking to improve on during my week at the WCIA was to improve my knowledge on global issues. By the end of the week I was aware of the different programmes the WCIA were supporting, working on and in partnership with. The blog on a global issue was another fantastic opportunity, as I got to brainstorm ideas with members of staff, whilst looking at the problems as a whole and then considering possible solutions. I then chose a topic, researched it in detail and wrote a short essay on it.




Hannah’s work experience

by Hannah Isaac  


I have spent a week at WCIA for work experience and it has been an engaging and eye-opening experience that I am grateful I had the opportunity to be involved with.

This week I have done various tasks – some working in communications. For example, on the first day I was tasked with writing a Facebook post about one of the WCIA’s recent achievements on projects. It had been a very busy week as the WCIA had two big events taking place on the last two days of the week, and I was involved with preparing for them.

I edited lots of different documents for the mock COP (which is a Model United Nations Conference that lot of different schools attend – this year based on climate change). I made sheets and placards and other things needed for these events, which helped me to practice and develop my ICT skills.


For some tasks I worked with Ellie, who was also doing work experience here, and I was interacting with different members of the WCIA team throughout the week as I did different jobs, which helped me develop my teamwork skills. I was asked to write a blog about a global issue, for the website so I had to do lots of research – which really helped me learn about lots of different issues there are in the world currently.


My favourite part of the week was the mock COP event that I attended and helped with in Cardiff. It helped me develop my communication skills through different tasks I did, for example assigning seats to students and instructed the press on what they should do. Also through hearing all the propositions from all the delegates of each country, talking about climate change it helped me to increase my knowledge and understanding of the current global crisis.

One of the things I found more challenging this week the freedom, as it was a contrast from school – having more control about when you work and when you take breaks. I enjoyed being given individual tasks to get on with as well tasks involving group work.

This week I really learnt more about the different organisations that WCIA is in partnership with, as well as WCIA itself. I have learned and become more aware and interested in recent international issues, and I think that is something that is important to be aware of. I have developed lots of skills and it has been a useful experience, and I would like to thank all the staff at WCIA for allowing me to do work experience here.

Teresa’s work experience

By Teresa Morandini 


My experience at the WCIA has come to an end.

Since November, I have been volunteering with an amazing working group, always ready to help me in any possible way. ​It has been such a lovely time, in which I have learnt a lot. ​

Firstly, I had the chance to challenge myself by working in a different language. But, without doubt, I have to thanks all WCIA staff to have been patient with me and spent time to correct my work. ​

However, I have much more to be thankful.

As a matter of fact, these months were an opportunity, a job experience as well as a personal adventure. ​

Taking part to the numerous WCIA events made me realise the similarity with the Italian way to promote human rights. It was a surprisingly discovery, which led me to a new perspective on charity and campaigning. ​

Usually, we have the impression that human rights are too abstract. And, for certain extends, this is true. But, finding this correlation have broadened my horizon. ​

Why? Because I finally understood the language of Human Rights, made of universalism: the words for fighting the inequality, injustices and promoting global learning are the same in any languages: English, Welsh or Italian. ​

By keeping in mind this precious thought, I am leaving the WCIA to continue my studies in Brussels although I hope my future will reserve me more Wales further down in the line. ​