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Time travel is a strange concept in many ways. When we look back at the past, our transition to the present feels somehow inevitable and it’s comforting to reflect on the way that progress shows itself from decade to decade. However, when we try to imagine the future, all too often it is almost impossible to imagine the way that our world will develop. Our ideas rely on concepts that we have seen such as science fiction stories where everyone flies or post-apocalyptic fiction where the world is in ruins. In this course, we will develop the skills to reflect on our preferred future using established theories of pace layers, future mapping using “seeds” and building concepts of deep time both in the past and future.


In this course, you will:

  • Develop a sense of time including “deep time” (reflect on life a long time ago, predict life a long way into the future and consider the tools that we can use to consider time)
  • Evaluate tools that enable us to predict and imagine the future
  • Design your own vision for your preferred future, based on real-life events
  • Reflect on ways we can take action so that your preferred future has a greater likelihood of coming to pass.

This course structured to be an interactive mix of videos, padlets and zoom sessions. It’s broken into several sections so you can access it at a time and place that works for you. This training is part of the Erasmus+ project The World We Want in 2121 and is aimed at teachers and facilitators.

The course also uses Padlets so you can exchange ideas with other course participants. If you’ve note used a Padlet before, you can watch our short video.