Climate Refugees – The injustice of the climate crisis

On December 2, the Youth Climate Ambassadors held an online eventon Climate Refugees – The injustice of the climate crisis.

The Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales are a group of passionate young climate activists from across Wales who want climate justice for all. They believe that all people displaced by climate change should have the right to a legitimate refugee status in the UK.

They partnered with Solidarity Stories Wales and Oasis Cardiff to deliver a virtual event as part of Great Big Green Week 2022, explaining who Climate Refugees are and where in the World they exist.

During the event, they were amplify voices and stories of seekers of sanctuary and talk to Refugee organisations and charities in Wales to help give a clearer picture of the real situations Climate Refugees and other Refugees face, and how we can best help them in the current climate we find ourselves in.

Solidarity Stories Wales are a youth led social action campaign committed to a positive and real representation of refugees/ those seeking sanctuary in Wales.

The other event collaboration partner is Oasis Cardiff, a refugee centre in Cardiff.

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