Meet our Volunteers for 2020-2021

Our current ESC volunteers are both from Spain. Marta and Santi will be working with the WCIA communications team on a range of projects and events in the upcoming year.

Read more about our volunteers below:



Marta is from Leganés in Madrid, and is excited to learn more about the volunteering and cooperation world.

During her Erasmus+ experience in Slovenia, she realised the importance of global issues and communication between countries.

Marta graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Relations and Sociology, and thought the best way of raising awareness on the importance of volunteering was to join the WCIA.  

She enjoys reading, hitting the gym or watching a good TV show. She is enthusiastic about meeting new people and learning about new cultures and looks forward to the year ahead.

Santi Carrasco García


Originally from Madrid, Santi will work in the Communications team. He is very excited about this professional adventure at WCIA, and looking forward to learning more from team members and colleagues at the Temple Of Peace.

Santi has a background in Communications, Latin American Politics, and teaching Spanish as a second language. He has previously worked for various types of traditional media and more recently at the University of New Mexico in the USA.

He enjoys the intersection between culture—with language as its spearhead, and communication as a whole. He strongly believes body politics and identity intersectionality to be the key to cultural bridging and understanding.  

At a more personal level, he loves cinema, hiking and learning romantic languages!

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