W2W4P represents a desire for peace and friendship that can expand over oceans and cross national boundaries”


How the Valleys Inspired a World of Free Healthcare

“the neighbour made it clear that she resents the idea of being neighbours with an Iraqi”

“My voice as a woman is relevant”

Cardiff’s Conscientious Objectors: Religion and Politics

WW2 conscientious objector

WWI: Cardiff’s Conscientious Objectors: the Young and the Old

Farbod’s inspiring story

Heritage of Somalis Communities From Somaliland in Wales

Dolen Cymru hidden history, linking Wales and Lesotho.


Bert Pearce gave a lifetime devotion to active politics” 

Exchange between Cuba, the US and Wales‘, 1998-2001img_6117

grandchildren for wales screen grathe ‘person beyond the soldier’

A virtual movie of the celebrated Welsh Coal miner poet Idris Davies reading “War”