Temple Tours: Welcome

Welcome to Wales’ Temple of Peace and Health, the nation’s memorial to the fallen of World War 1. Founder David Davies envisioned a building ‘for the people’, that would inspire movements of Welsh men and women to ‘rid the world of the twin scourges of disease and war’ for future generations. Architecturally steeped in symbolism, since its opening in 1938 the Temple of Peace has been at the heart of Welsh efforts to build a better world.

Explore this iconic space, and discover stories from Wales’ rich ‘Peace Heritage’ through following this self-guided tour, taking 20-30 minutes for most visitors. Starting in reception, we will briefly step outside to view the Portico and Foundation Stone, before descending to the Crypt holding the WW1 Book of Remembrance – followed by the memorable Hall of Nations.

Moving upstairs to the Council Chamber Library and Temple Archives, the colourful ‘Timeline of Peacemakers’ draws together stories from Wales’ Peace Heritage of the last 100 years, followed by Peace & Goodwill Messages from the youth of Wales to the world over successive generations. Return to reception via the Committee Rooms, with a view of Wales’ National Garden of Peace – from where we invite you into the grounds to explore WCIA’s Peace Garden Memorials Trail.

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