Cyngor Partneriaeth y Trydydd Sector


Mae Canolfan Materion Rhyngwladol Cymru yn cynrychioli’r sector rhyngwladol ar Gyngor Partneriaeth y trydydd sector.


Ein ffocws polisi ar hyn o bryd yw:


  • Dull sy’n seiliedig ar werthoedd yn y strategaeth ryngwladol ddrafft i Gymru
  • Dinasyddiaeth fyd-eang yn y cwricwlwm newydd i Gymru
  • Deddf Llesiant Cenedlaethau’r dyfodol, yn benodol, Cymru sy’n gyfrifol yn fyd-eang
  • Effaith BREXIT ar y sector rhyngwladol


Os hoffech gymryd rhan mewn ymatebion polisi ar y materion hyn, cysylltwch â

Mae gennym nifer o gyfarfodydd ar gyfer gwahanol rannau o’r sector, sianel LAC i drafod datblygiadau polisi ac rydym hefyd yn cydweithio ar ymatebion polisi ar Google docs.


Prif nod Cyngor Partneriaeth y trydydd sector yw sicrhau bod yr egwyddorion a nodir yng nghynllun y trydydd sector yn cael eu rhoi ar waith.

Mae hefyd yn rhoi cyfle i’r sector godi materion o ddiddordeb neu bryder. Yn gyffredinol, nid yw’n trafod materion sy’n ymwneud ag un maes diddordeb yn unig (gellir mynd i’r afael â’r rhain drwy gyfarfodydd Gweinidogol chwemisol) ac fel corff cenedlaethol.

Mae ‘ n ymwneud â materion sy ‘ n effeithio ar Gymru gyfan.


My Place, Your Place, Our Place

My Place, Your Place, Our Place is a 3-year Erasmus funded project to support learners in four European countries to better explore their cultures and identities and to share those cultures with others, ultimately challenging prejudice and living in peace together. During the project, the WCIA will be working with partners to develop teaching and learning resources to deepen cultural exchange with critical thinking and problem solving skills embedded throughout. Resources will explore cultural exchange activities that can be done through e-twinning as well as exchange visits.


Sept 2018-Aug 2021


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Hub Cymru Africa


Hub Cymru Africa is a partnership supporting the Wales Africa Community, bringing together the work of the Wales for Africa Health Links Network, the Sub Saharan Advisory Panel, Fair Trade Wales and the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action.

We represent the International Development sector in Wales. Hub Cymru Africa is supported by the Welsh Government and is hosted by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff.


Wales for Peace


Our vision…

To inspire a new generation of internationalists through learning from Wales’ peace heritage… the individuals, communities and movements who have championed Wales’ peacebuilding role in the world, from the First World War to today.

Why ‘Wales for Peace’?

In 1922, the very first Message of Peace and Goodwill was broadcast by the children of Wales to the rest of the world. It contained a straightforward wish – a world where there is:
“no need for any of us, as we grow older, to show our pride for the country in which we were born by going out to hate and to kill one another”

Today, the horrors of war are still at the forefront of people’s minds, from the centenary commemorations of the First World War to the devastating conflicts in Syria and elsewhere. The children of Wales have yet to see their wish fulfilled, and the pursuit of peace has continued to be an important part of the nation’s story in the last 100 years. Our project, Cymru dros Heddwch / Wales for Peace, will shed light on this story, addressing one previously unanswered question:

In the 100 years since World War 1, how has Wales contributed to the search for peace?

Working with our experienced partners, schools and youth groups groups, and volunteers throughout Wales, we will support local communities to explore their heritage. Our travelling exhibitions will bring together elements from the whole project, as we seek to tell the story of Wales and peace from 1914 to the present day.


Wales Schools Debating Championships

Wales debate championship

Debating can help learners of all ages and abilities to develop a number of important skills. These include the ability to work as a team, to reason logically, to understand both sides of an argument, and to speak engagingly and convincingly.

Click here to find out more about this years’ championships



changemakers feature pic

ChangeMakers: Exploring the refugee crisis and the movement of people

The world is currently experiencing the largest refugee crisis on record. Stories about refugees, asylum seekers and migrants appear in the news on a daily basis. Why are people moving? What impact does this have on the world?

ChangeMakers is a global citizenship project which gives learners the opportunity to learn and think critically about these issues, before planning and taking appropriate action to create positive change.

Find out more!

Only 3 Schools and colleges in Wales will be selected to participate through a competitive application process.

Apply now using our Booking Form – limited places available. Deadline 28 September 2018.

The Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA) and Oxfam Cymru are working in partnership to deliver these opportunities. This project is funded by the Welsh Government through the British Council International Education Programme.