Policy update Sept-Dec

Susie Ventris Field (Chief Exec of WCIA)  and Claire O’Shea (as Chair of WOAG) represent the international sector on the Third Sector Partnership Council – an opportunity for the third sector in Wales to feed into Welsh Government policy. Here, we share a few updates on recent activity and some upcoming opportunities for you to give input. If you’d like issues to be raised at TSPC meetings, or you’d like to get more closely involved in influencing policy on international issues in Wales, please email susieventrisfield@wcia.org.uk.


  • There has been a big focus in all Ministerial meetings about the Cost of Living crisis. We’ve made sure that continues with a global perspective, recognising the impact of cost-of-living globally and recognising the underlying causes of conflict and reliance on fossil fuels
  • Supported Climate Cymru’s Warm this Winter campaign and policy asks
  • Continued lobbying for changes to the Social Partnership and Procurement Bill to ensure it reflects our commitments to be globally responsible and sustainable. We’ve made progress (with partners) and have a commitment to meet with the Deputy Minister.
  • With the Future Generations Commissioner, led work on how Wales could take a globally responsible approach to the World Cup in Qatar. We produced a values statement which was signed by many organisations engaging in the World Cup including FA Wales.
  • Contributed feedback to FA Wales’ draft Sustainability Strategy.
  • Presented to WISERD reflections on the research needed to help us achieve a globally responsible and sustainable Wales
  • Presented to Learned Society early researchers network thoughts on best practice in developing sustainable partnership
  • Following on from previous months, we supported UK-wide Civil Society efforts to:
    • Prevent the replacement of the Human Rights Act with a watered down Bill of Rights
    • Stop deportations of refugees to Rwanda and instead to provide a welcome for those seeking sanctuary
    • Take urgent action to mitigate the climate crisis

Opportunities to be heard

  • We’re submitting a response to the consultation on new GCSEs in Wales to make sure they embed global learning (ESDGC) in partnership with colleagues in WAGL.
  • If you have global issues you’d like us to be raising with Ministers in TSPC meetings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.