Leaving a gift in your Will

We are gratef

ul for the generosity of the WCIA’s many supporters.

Remembering us in your will helps us to inspire learning and action on global issues into the future.

Today, these issues have rarely been more relevant to the people of Wales. By promoting dialogue, education and international partnerships, the WCIA strengthens Wales’ ability to be an outward-looking nation.

Be part of our vision – that everyone in Wales contributes to creating a fair and peaceful world.39284480380_282dc3f1d6_z

Your gift will help us build on an 80-year history of successful international work, providing a vital financial backbone for our projects and core work. You will be supporting a wide range of people who benefit from our work – including talented volunteers, school pupils of all ages, and people in local communities across Wales.

Whatever your size of gift, choosing to leave a legacy means you can be certain the charities you care about will be supported long into the future. There is also the potential to save on inheritance tax, which can further benefit your loved ones.

To leave a legacy to the WCIA, you can either write a new Will or simply add a ‘codicil’ to your existing Will. There is plenty of information available online. We advise you to consult a solicitor to make sure that the paperwork is correctly completed.

It’s your choice whether to leave:

  • a specific sum of money, known as a ‘pecuniary gift’,
  • a percentage of your estate, known as a ‘residuary gift’. This is calculated once all other payments have been made. Or,
  • an item, or ‘specific gift’.

If you do decide to support the WCIA in your Will, please make sure you use our full name (Welsh Centre for International Affairs), our registered charity number (1156822), and our address (Temple of Peace, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3AP).

It’s extremely helpful for us to know your intentions, so that we can thank you personally and keep you up to date with our work. If you are happy to let us know, please contact our Chief Executive, Susie Ventris-Field, on 029 2022 8549 or

We are very grateful to you for considering us in your Will. If you would like to know more about our work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – email, or phone 029 2022 8549.