New Curriculum Resources

‘Non-Violent Action: A Force for Change’

FREE Online training for primary and secondary teachers in Wales

At a time of war, it can be difficult to believe in the power of non-violent intervention. And yet, we know from history that effective social and political change often comes from non-violent movements – for instance Indian independence, the Civil Rights movement in America and more recently Climate Change protests by young people across the world.

The aim of this twilight training session is to provide an overview of the contents and methodology of ‘Non-Violent Action: A Force for Change’ – a new inspiring cross-curricular pack for 8 – 14 year olds which supports children and young people in:

• Exploring what we mean by non-violence;

• Looking at inspiring examples from Wales, the UK and internationally where people have successfully taken non-violent action for change; and

• Analysing, planning and taking action as ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.

After attending the session, teachers will be given FREE access to the resources, and will be asked to pilot some of them and evaluate pupils’ learning. The materials have been adapted to the Welsh context and contain case studies which can be integrated into the Welsh curriculum, with suggestions for follow-up activities.

To access this training session, please register here and you will receive a link to the online training (on either 23rd or 30th March). If you have any further questions, please contact Jane Harries, Peace Education Coordinator at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs: