Temple Tour – marking Centenary of 1923 Women’s Peace Petition presentation in New York


This specific Temple Tour on Monday 19th February will focus on the story of the 1923 Welsh Women’s Peace Appeal to America, marking the centenary to the day that the petition of 390,296 signatures was presented, at a ceremonial event in New York, to the women of the United States.

Wales’ Temple of Peace and Health was not only the Welsh nation’s memorial to the fallen of World War 1, but a catalyst for efforts to advance peace, health and international relations for future generations. The founders envisioned a building ‘for the people’, architecturally steeped in symbolism and award-winning art deco style, that would inspire movements of Welsh men and women to rid the world of the twin scourges of disease and war. Since its opening in 1938, the Temple has been at the heart of Welsh efforts to build a better world: from the NHS to the United Nations, bodies have been born here and global campaigns catalysed. Explore this iconic space, and discover many hidden histories from Wales’ rich ‘Peace Heritage’ , by joining this guided tour with WCIA’s heritage team.

Following some lunchtime Temple Tours, WCIA also offer visitors the opport8unity to explore the Temple Archives with support from a WCIA member of staff or volunteer.

Some Temple Tours will precede other ‘special events’ – see further information below::

February 19 2024 – Centenary of the Women’s Peace Petition handover in New York.

March 8 2024 – International Women’s Day