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If you’re thinking of volunteering abroad, you’re in the right place! Below are examples of some of the projects we have available, ranging in duration from 7 days to a year, from Estonia to Ecuador!

Why volunteer with the WCIA?

  • We provide meaningful projects with local organisations abroad: volunteers always work in partnership with local communities; 
  • We place a great emphasis on the benefits and outcomes that can be gained by young people; 
  • We are a charity, not a profit-making company; 
  • WCIA has accessed funding from the European Solidarity Corps Programme, which enables us to remove many of the financial barriers to participation that exist for a lot of young people, and to provide extra support in preparation and follow up. This means we are able to cover the majority of travel and insurance costs and subsidise the administration fee we normally charge – volunteers just need to fundraise £50, nothing more. 
  • Our International Volunteering Programme of IVPs in Summer 2021 is made up of 20 volunteering opportunities in 6 countries.  

We are offering volunteering opportunities in 6 countries this year: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France and Germany. 

Where can you go in 2021?

France: Solidarity Summer 2 (SJ35)

Location: The Baronnies (a historic name for the area East and North of Mont Ventoux in Southern France).

Additional host fee: Free!

Duration: 23/07/2021-07/08/2021

Main tags: Construction

In 2021 we will continue to build the calade over the entire width of the path in order to level the slope and thus avoid any stagnation of the water. The part installed to collect the flow from the source will also be enlarged in order to better direct the flow during heavy rain events. The retaining walls on the linear will also be repeated along the path to the right of the breaches and collapses of the wall. It is with a skilled heritage workcamp leader who is passionate about dry stone masonry that we will be able to discover this restoration technique and the hidden treasures of Rosanais’ heritage.

Accommodation and Food:

We will be accommodated in tents at the Paul Bert holiday village and will have access to all the centre’s facilities. A facilitating team will be present to accompany the participants in the organisation of collective life during the two weeks of the camp : planning housekeeping tasks, developing menus and preparing meals alternately, organizing recreational activities and outings.

Leisure and Location:

The land of sunshine and amazing flavors, the provençale Baronnies massif is a good living personified where we can enjoy outdoor activities in the heart of nature while also just lounging around ! Not far from Rosans, we will be able to explore numerous sites : the Saint André de Rosans priory, Saint-Genis mountain, Clavelière mountain, the village of Rosans, and the geological curiosity in the area (even dinosaur eggs!). 

Are you interested in participating in this project in France? Click here!

Germany: National Nature Park Hunsrück (IBG 10)

Location: National Nature Park Hunsrück, Germany.

Additional host fee: Free!

Duration: 17/07/2021-07/08/2021

Main tags: Environmental

PLEASE NOTE: The work might be physically hard and you will get wet and muddy for sure! Please, bring hiking boots, rubber boots and working clothes.

Take action for climate protection and biodiversity – save the moors in the National Nature Park Hunsrück-Hochwald! You will contribute to protect special moors situated on hill slopes within the nature park. These moors are an important and valuable natural CO2 storage but they were drained more than 100 years ago for forestry use. Under the supervision of several Park Rangers you will undertake different measures to keep the water in the moor in order to undo the drainage. Click the link below for more details.

Accomodation and Food:

You will stay in the community centre of Deuselbach. The accommodation is spacious, has a huge kitchen including a dish-washer and a living room, toilets, showers and a washing machine. There is one big sleeping room with camp beds. The workcamp will take places in the western part of Rhineland-Palatinate, in western Germany, close to Luxemburg. You will stay in Deuselbach, a small village with 160 inhabitants. The local villagers are very happy to welcome you and to get to know you, many parties and events will happen. Deuselbach has a pub but no shops. The next bigger village (Thalfang) is 4km away, here you can find everything you need (shops, swimming pool…).

Leisure and Location:

There are many tourists in this area as it is well known for hiking all over the year and for skiing in winter. The next big city is Trier (40 km), the oldest German city with many Roman sights, a huge cathedral and plenty of things to do (vineyard, shopping, clubs…). You will do several excursions with the support of the Park Rangers, e.g. to Trier.

Are you interested in participating in this project in Germany? Click here!

Coronavirus update:

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic it has been difficult to confirm which projects will be going ahead this year; below are projects we have confirmed for 2021. We will update this document regularly to include any new announcements.  

Currently we do have projects confirmed with our partner Solidarites Jeunesse in France, IBG in Germany, Estyes in Estonia and Grenzenlos in Austria. 

Volunteer story:

Here, one of our volunteers Joe telling her story.

If you’re thinking of volunteering with us (or our partners!), test your global citizenship skills using our Global Steps test.