Research and Policy

WCIA’s Global Action programme will be building from 2019-24 on foundations developed by the Heritage Lottery Funded Wales for Peace programme, which has explored Wales’ ‘Peace Heritage’ – our story of internationalist activism from WW1 to today:

  1. Building Wales’ ‘Peace Heritage’ narrative, exploring activism on 7 themes: Remembering War, Objecting to Conflict, Offering Sanctuary to Refugees, Championing Equality, Building Solidarity, Inspiring Future Generations, and Working Together.
  2. Supporting volunteers and communities Wales-wide to explore, share and inspire audiences with local ‘Hidden Histories’ of peace building fro WW1 to today
  3. Exploring, digitising and researching the Temple of Peace Archives and Collections for interpretation and future public access.

In addition to continuing to use heritage as a catalyst for reflecting on current international affairs, WCIA’s policy priorities for Global Action looking towards the future include:

  1. The new Curriculum for Wales, focusing on embedding global citizenship education in the curriculum and statutory guidance.
  2. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, trying to improve how ‘A Globally Responsible Wales’ is measured and implemented.
  3. The International Strategy for Wales, including recommending a specific international development strategy.