The Welsh Centre for International Affairs is the leading international charity in Wales supporting  volunteers abroad. With 47 years of experience, we have all the skills and support networks to give you the confidence to take your first steps in a journey which will last a lifetime. 

All volunteers going abroad on either mid-term, long-term or workcamp projects will receive bespoke Pre-Departure Training before travelling overseas. The Pre-Departure Training will give you the chance to meet fellow volunteers from Wales and prepare you for your intercultural exchange.  

Our next Pre-Departure Training date: 20th April 2022 at the Temple of Peace (all day training event).  

On your return you will be invited to our Debrief session to reflect and recognise your global citizenship skills.  

We encourage all volunteers and those who are thinking to engage in one of our project to take the Global STEPS test. This would only take you 30 min of your time, and it will help you to identify the global citizenship skills you have, and at what level. Take the test and test your skills using our Global Steps test now. 


25 Percent
(online, 12/05/2022)

What – workshop on community change and advocacy

For whom – young people 16-30 years old who would like to learn about social change and share their ideas of Future of Europe

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