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Our Young Peacemaker Awards 2020 has now moved online! Here are some ideas to get you going

  1. Get creative! What does peace mean to you? How do we create a more peaceful world? Express yourself through painting, sculpture, mosaic, film – whatever medium appeals to you – and share them with us.
  2. Imagine! What is it like – as a young person – to be stuck in a war zone?Look at some poems written by young people. Now write your own poem, blog or story. You can choose a particular story if you like. Share your work with us.
  3. Make a Song and Dance for Peace! Get physical! Create a song, dance or performance about peace online! Involve your friends! Share your performance with us.
  4. Global Heroes: Who is your global hero / heroine: Greta Thunberg? Malala Yousafzai? What about the unsung heroes, past and present? Can you find out about one? Write an article or story about your chosen hero to share and send it to us.
  5. COVID-19 and the Prisoners’ dilemma: What does COVID-19 tell us about human beings? Are we innately selfish, or more inclined to cooperate? Do the same rules apply to individuals and world governments? What effect may the virus have on human society locally and globally, and will we learn anything from it? Write an essay analysing these questions.

Applications closed!