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grandchildren for wales screen grathe ‘person beyond the soldier’

A virtual movie of the celebrated Welsh Coal miner poet Idris Davies reading “War”

WW2 conscientious objector

Meredydd Evans knew from age 14 that he could not go to war

Cardiff’s Conscientious Objectors: Religion and Politics

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W2W4P represents a desire for peace and friendship that can expand over oceans and cross national boundaries”


How the Valleys Inspired a World of Free Healthcare

“the neighbour made it clear that she resents the idea of being neighbours with an Iraqi”

“Alice’s definition of peace is being happy and content with what you have. For her peace is also connected to love and care”

Exchange between Cuba, the US and Wales‘, 1998-2001img_6117

Dolen Cymru hidden history, linking Wales and Lesotho.

Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas

Hub Cymru Africa, hosted by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, is a partnership supporting the Wales Africa and Fair Trade community in Wales. They launched a new volunteering programme in 2018 and have, so far, involved 10 volunteers in international development in Wales.

Cathie Jackson, who coordinates volunteers for Hub Cymru Africa and developed the scheme said: “Our volunteer programme is designed to give people a taste of internatonal development and build their skills as well as offering their capacity to the sector.”

Volunteer story: Jennifer Thomas

After graduating from university, Jennifer decided on a career in international development after volunteering in South Africa for a month. Having studied Politics with International Relations, she was interested in how non-profit organisations liaise with governments, and how projects go from paper to reality.

Jennifer volunteered for Hub Cymru Africa, a project funded by Welsh government. She helped out with general office and research tasks, and at events. “My favourite role with HCA was preparing for and attending events. These were the highlight. I learned more about government and non-profit liaisons while also meeting and networking with other influential figures and organisations.”

“I believe my time has been well spent volunteering– I achieved my goals and I am confident that I am able to take away experience and knowledge to help me further my own career. as I begin to apply for jobs within the sector.” Jennifer is looking into volunteering with her local Fair Trade group in Chepstow.

Contact for more information about voluntering with Hub Cymru Africa