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A virtual movie of the celebrated Welsh Coal miner poet Idris Davies reading “War”

WW2 conscientious objector

mrefyn turner & morgan pic 2The experiences of two Welsh conscientious objectors in WWII / Profiadau Dau Wrthwynebwr Cydwybodol Cymreig yn yr Ail Ryfel Byd

Heritage of Somalis Communities From Somaliland in Wales

How the Valleys Inspired a World of Free Healthcare

W2W4P represents a desire for peace and friendship that can expand over oceans and cross national boundaries”


“Alice’s definition of peace is being happy and content with what you have. For her peace is also connected to love and care”

“My voice as a woman is relevant”


Bert Pearce gave a lifetime devotion to active politics” 

Exchange between Cuba, the US and Wales‘, 1998-2001img_6117

Dolen Cymru hidden history, linking Wales and Lesotho.