Teaching packsChangemakers in action

This teaching pack for 14-18 year-old learners develops creativity, problem solving, planning and peer education skills while learning about one of a choice of three global themes. The sessions also support learners to contribute towards positive change.
The pack can be used in full to deliver the Global Challenge element of the Welsh Bac. or any of the workshops can be used independently.

Downloads for Refugees workshop

This session explores the topic of refugees, supporting learners to understand the terminology, before having an opportunity to empathise with refugees from individual stories. Learners will analyse evidence to talk about issues relating to refugees and explore how action at a local level can provide refugee support.

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Downloads for Impact of Mobile Phones workshopImpact of Mobile Phones

This session explores how young people use their mobile phones, before examining the human and environmental impacts of mobile phones, with a particular focus on China and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Inspirational videos and examples support learners to think about where their phones come from, and how phones can be used for good.

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Downloads for Global Fashion workshopFashion Changemakers

This session uses the journey of a pair of jeans to explore the human and environmental impact of fashion, from harvesting the crops to washing and wearing. Learners will identify causes, consequences and solutions using a range of problem-solving and analysis tools.

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Downloads for Making Change Happen workshopMaking change happen workshop

This session gives an opportunity for learners to plan individual and collective action related to the issues important to them. They also learn about and begin to plan peer learning activities. They will have a chance to see inspirational examples of others making change and reflect on change they have instigated themselves.

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The Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)

Changemakers supports the development of ESDGC in accordance with the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF). ESDGC is about real-world issues and thinking critically about the local and global implications of everything we do. We will be exploring how to enable critical thinking about sustainable development and global citizenship issues whilst building on students’ ability to develop their numerical reasoning.

To inspire them to link up the development of young people’s numeracy skills with the development of ESDGC learning

To empower teachers with the ideas and skills to enable young people to use numeracy skills to strengthen ESDGC learning.