Peace School Resources

The Peace Schools Scheme for Wales pilot has been hugely successful and praised by the Welsh Government. It encourages skills for implementing the welsh new curriculum and is a key marker for the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.  It has also been highlighted in the UK report to the UN for contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 4 Quality Education. Schools set their own goals and plan, but elements of a ‘peace school’ may include:

  • exploring and sharing Wales’ peace heritage through piloting curriculum materials linked to the stories of individuals and groups who have promoted peace in Wales, or through critically examining the impact of war on communities;
  • participating in other project activities, such as our annual Schools Conference or Peace Heroes Competition;
  • involving learners in producing and signing up to a whole-school statement reflecting a commitment to peace;
  • creating a warm and welcoming community built on listening, understanding and respect;
  • developing the skills and attitudes necessary for critical thinking and respectful discussion through initiatives such as Philosophy for Children;
  • developing whole-school practices which promote respectful and harmonious communities, such as peer support and mediation.

A full set of resources have been created to help teachers and learners work through what it means to be a Peace School

Would you like to be part of this exciting scheme?  If so, contact the WCIA Learning Coordinator at janeharries@wcia.org.uk