Wales for Peace

Cymru dros Heddwch / Wales for Peace 

is a four-year project run by the WCIA that will explore one key question:

In the 100 years since the First World War, how has Wales contributed to the search for peace?

The aim is to engage 100,000 people in discovering, sharing and learning from the peace heritage of Wales – the people and organisations who have been part of this search, and whose stories remain largely untold.


Wales for Peace Learning Portal


Wales for peace logoBetween 2015 and 2018 we will bring into one place exciting education resources related to Wales’ peace heritage linked to the Welsh national curriculum, literacy and numeracy, ESDGC and the Welsh Bac.

All learning resources will be linked to the Welsh national curriculum. To see how the Wales for Peace project relates to different areas of the curriculum, look at our curriculum mapping document.

Find more free online resources at the Wales for Peace Educational Portal.