Wales Alliance for Global Learning

Wales peaceschoolsWe are an alliance of organisations that cares passionately about our young people, now and for future generations.We want to see Wales’ young people thrive responsibly in a globalised world as informed, skilled and empowered citizens.

Our alliance brings together more than 70 organisations and individuals, including NGOs, local authority representatives and education practitioners. We share a commitment to ensuring the education system supports Wales to be a stronger, world leading nation – informed about social justice in Wales and around the world, with the skills to compete on the global market while contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

We believe Global Learning is the route to make this happen.

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What is global learning?

Global learning improves the way we understand and think about local and global issues. It empowers learners to create meaningful change by developing:

Knowledge and understanding about: social justice and equity, identity and diversity, globalisation, sustainability, peace and conflict, human rights, power, governance.
Values and attitudes: sense of identity and self esteem, commitment to social justice and equity, respect for people and human rights, valuing diversity, concern for the environment, commitment to participation, belief that people can bring about change.
Skills: critical thinking and creative thinking, empathy, self awareness and reflection, communication, problem solving, cooperation, ability to manage complexity, informed and reflective action.

Global learning enables learners to: 

  • Understand big global issues, like migration, conflict and inequality, the underlying factors behind them, and how such issues connect to our own lives.
  • Think more critically and creatively to support shared learning and analysis.
  • Value diversity and respect others

The essence of global citizenship is the commitment to bring about positive behaviour change by:

  • Celebrating our similarities and our differences.
  • Engaging in society and making sense of the world we live in. using a variety of tools to make our voices heard.
  • Acting together to create a more just and sustainable world for everyone – now and in the future


Wales prides itself on being an outward-looking and globally responsible nation. We have the innovative Wellbeing of Future Generations Act; we are the first Fair Trade Nation and hopefully soon the first Nation of Sanctuary; all health boards are linked to hospitals in Africa; there are over 100 grassroots community links. And now we have a curriculum with one of four key purposes to develop ’ethically informed citizens of Wales and the World.’

With strong commitment, the global learning ambitions in the curriculum can become a reality and support everyone in Wales to help combat some of the shared challenges we face—climate change, global conflict, and poverty.

Our younger citizens will understand why governments need to invest beyond our borders to create a fairness, justice and sustainability for Wales and the world. They will become globally responsible.

The impact of global learning

A globally responsible Wales: Global learners become ‘ethically informed citizens of Wales and the world’. They recognise that their actions here in Wales have an impact beyond our borders. For example, they are more likely to buy Fair Trade and campaign on global issues. Global learners understand that global issues are complex and can assess sources of information for accuracy and quality.

“Hearing some inspirational things from people, this really opened my eyes to how the world worked, and how I could make a difference in the future” pupil, GLP-Wales

A prosperous Wales: Global learners develop the essential skills needed for employment in the 21st century: problem solving, handling complexity, cross-cultural working and critical thinking. There is evidence that adopting global learning in schools improves attainment in cognitive development, maths, participation, communication and social skills.

“I feel that I have realised, or learned, that I can make a difference. Through our little cake stall we raised nearly 150 pounds.“ Elain, from Ysgol Bro Idris

A resilient Wales: Global learners are more aware of climate change and its impacts on planet and people. They understand that this is a global issue they have a role in combatting. They are more likely to take decisions that minimise resource use. and to be motivated to affect change.

“I’m convinced we have been able to make a difference to how people think – especially through the primary school workshops.” Megan from Ysgol Bro Idris

A healthier Wales: Global Learners have a stronger voice in their schools, and an understanding of their rights. They take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. Schools that adopt global learning have reduced bullying which has a negative impact on mental health.

“The Peace School Scheme has been very valuable to us and has certainly made our environment more peaceful – incidents of negative behaviours have fallen” Teacher, Rhian Francis, Ysgol Pum Heol

A more equal Wales: Global learners are more empathetic and have a strong sense of fairness. They value diversity and can talk positively about race and equality. Global learning has a strong impact on the most disadvantaged pupils.

“Before I started the ChangeMakers project, I was one of the people that thought that refugees and asylum seekers should not come to this country. After, I learned that it is not their fault, and that they are only coming here because they have to, not because they want to, and they want a better life.” Ronnie, CCYD

A Wales of cohesive communities: Global learners develop empathy for others and feel empowered to make changes in their own communities. Schools feel that global learning improves community cohesion. Global learners more likely to take action on local issues and to value the diversity within their communities.

“A very useful workshop, encouraging pupils to talk about racism and stereotypes.

A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language: Global Learners understand their own cultural identities in relation to others. They are more likely to be positive about other cultures, to challenge stereotypes and to be less prejudiced.

”I think I came to appreciate more how fortunate we are in Wales to live in a country which enjoys peace.” Nefyn from Ysgol Bro Idris