Young Peacemakers Awards categories

Individual young people or groups aged between 5 and 25 yrs can enter under the following categories. It is also acceptable to nominate someone else (with their permission!).

Young Peacemaker of the Year:
You will have been active in the pursuit of peace, equality and social justice in your local or wider community, and your actions will have inspired others – your peers or people older or younger than yourself.

Young Peace Writer(s) of the Year
Nominees are invited to submit original pieces of work around the themes of peace, equality and social justice in a local or global context.  Contributions can take any form, including poetry, journalistic writing (including blogging), a series of effective tweets, biographies, stories, etc.  

Young Peace Artist(s) of the Year:
This category will celebrate original artistic expressions on the themes of peace, equality and social justice, created individually or as part of a group.  These could take a variety of forms, including paintings, sculptures, photographic exhibitions and film – and may reflect contemporary issues and thoughts about how we create a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Young Digital Peace Builder(s) of the Year:  
You will have used digital platforms positively and responsibly to raise awareness about issues related to peace, justice and equality locally or globally and to encourage people to think critically and take action. This could include live performances recorded for a digital audience.

Young Global Citizens(s) of the Year:
You will have linked with young people in a different country or countries, shared information and experience and worked together to demonstrate knowledge, insights and achievements in creative ways.

Young Global Analyst(s) of the Year:
What is the way forward for our planet? How do we come out of COVID-19 in a positive way which enables our planet to be a more cooperative, equal, peaceful and sustainable place? You will have thought critically about these issues and be able to demonstrate your analysis and ideas in a creative and engaging way.