Mapping Peace

In the Committee Rooms of the Temple of Peace, hangs a particularly impressive antique map of the world, detailing 1930s League of Nations mandates – one of a number of fascinating references and resources capturing Wales’ links with the world.

The Committee Room (39) of Wales’ Temple of Peace, dominated by the huge 1930s heritage map of the League of Nations. View Flickr Album ‘Mapping Peace’
League of Nations Mandates, 1938. View Flickr Album ‘Mapping Peace’
2020 World Peace Index by IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace) / Vision for Humanity. View 2020 GPI Peace Report.
National Garden of Peace Memorials Trail – map lectern adjacent to the Temple Car Park, spotlighting over 50 memorials to Welsh peace builders.
WW1 Conscientious Objectors search on WCIA’s Wales ‘Peace Map’, using data from the Pearce Register, showing where in Wales COs originated from.
Wales Africa Community Links map, 2013 – showing over 100 ‘town twinning’ and charity links connecting communities Wales-wide with Sub-Saharan Africa
World Press Freedom Index by Reporters without Borders