The Minnie James Collection: Nov 2022 Family Reunion and Launch

On 23 November 2022, descendants of Minnie James led by her great grandchildren, Marguerite, Jeanne and Robin Paul, participated in a moving ‘family reunion’ at the Temple of Peace where they presented to WCIA for future display at the Temple, an extensive collection of Minnie’s mementoes from World War One and from the 1938 opening of the Temple.

WCIA’s heritage volunteers team will be digitising all of these items for posterity, research access and use by communities and historians alike. Here we draw together some of the digitised albums of Minnie James’ collections.

Collections interface:

World War 1: photos & documents from Minnie’s Sons

WW1 photos & documents of Minnie’s sons

Postcards from the Trenches

WW1 postcards from the Front

Minnie James’ Engraved Key and Son’s Medals

Key to Peace: Minnie James’ artefacts

Mementoes from the 1938 Temple Opening Ceremony

Lord Davies Peerage Memorial, 1935

Lord Davies’ peerage memorial

Minnie James’ Family Reunion at the Temple

Minnie James’ family visit Temple of Peace