Peace Heritage HOMEPAGE

WCIA’s work is strongly rooted in Wales’ long heritage of grassroots internationalism, and WCIA’s guardianship of Wales’ National Temple of Peace and Health. Founded in 1938 as Wales’ memorial to the fallen of WW1, and opened on the eve of WW2, the Temple was built to ‘drive’ a national mission for Wales to build a better world for future generations – through the League of Nations, United Nations and international cooperation. Learning from and building on our heritage remains as relevant now as ever.

“A ‘Temple of Peace’ is more than bricks and mortar. It is the realisation of the hopes and dreams of generations… for a world free from the scourge of war, free from the scourge of disease. Free to foster friendship with our fellow human kind; to Unite the Nations of our world as one, to shape our shared futures – together. And to never… never again forget the human cost of waging war before law; of ignoring internationalism… our common humanity.”

Gwilym Davies, Welsh League of Nations Union

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