Policy updates Jul-Dec 2023


  • Our Future Focus, the Well-being of Future Generations Act and Cymru Can: We joined Future Focus sessions to reinforce the co-created ingredients for a globally responsible Wales. We’re pleased to see climate and nature, a well-being economy and the importance of global procurement included in the priorities.
  • A Values Statement for a Globally Responsible Wales: Building on the work ahead of the Qatar Men’s World Cup, we worked with partners across the the international sector in Wales to develop a statement which is shared on our website and available for all those engaging in international work in Wales to adhere to.
  • WISERD Conference: We held a workshop in the annual WISERD conference on the importance of global citizenship and global responsibility in Wales
  • Citizenship and Global Citizenship in lifelong learning: We partnered with Open University and IWA to raise the profile of global citizenship in lifelong learning through an event at the Senedd and two articles in Click On Wales.
  • Global citizenship in leadership: We participated in the Welsh Government Stakeholder Forum sharing sessions and ideas for embedded global citizenship and global responsibility
  • Represented the sector at two FCDO meetings  focusing on ensuring funding is appropriate for the sector in Wale
  • Continued our work on the now Social Partnership and Procurement Act meeting with partners to ensure that WG commitment to include global responsibility in statutory guidance is fulfilled
  • Attended the Modern Day Slavery international sub group to represent the sector
  • Convened a cross sector meeting on divestment to ascertain how to line up divestment campaigns in our communications to WG, FG and public bodies .Due to the urgency, we paused the broader discussion to write to the UK Government Committee to halt the passage of the Economic Activity Bill which would threaten a multitude of devolved competencies especially our ability to live up to the globally responsible goal. This included a letter on behalf of many in the sector to all MPs and MSs (the latter with a request to withhold consent)
  • Supported an SCCC event in the Senedd on Climate Justice based on the paper produced in the last period
  • Ensured voices from network including around Warm this Winter, Race to Zero and Nature positive were represented in TSPC network
  • Ensured international/global sector issues consistently raised in TSPC meetings
  • Supported Climate Cymru’s Warm this Winter and Nature Positive campaigns, asking for globally responsible elements to be included in the nature positive campaign
  • Following on from previous months, we supported UK-wide Civil Society efforts to:
    • Stop deportations of refugees to Rwanda and instead to provide a welcome for those seeking sanctuary
    • Stop the Illegal Migration Bill (unsuccessfully)
    • Take urgent action to mitigate the climate and nature crises
    • Shared information about the Code of Practice changes

If you have global issues you’d like us to raise in TSPC meetings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.