Wales Alliance for Global Learning

We are an alliance of organisations that cares passionately about our young people, now and for future generations. we want to see Wales’ children and young people thrive as 

  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the World
  • capable and ambitious learners
  • healthy and confident individuals
  • enterprising and creative contributors  

We’re a policy-focused network who have:

  • Ensured that, across the Statements of What Matters, in all Areas of Learning and Experience, wider skills and cross-cutting themes ESDGC is embedded
  • Given the evidence to support ESDGC at the External Affairs Committee
  • Ensured global citizenship and climate, peace and nature emergency education are among the recommendations from the Future Generations Commissioner 2020 report on how to achieve a globally responsible Wales
  • Developed and advocated for a global citizenship indicator to measure progress against the globally responsible Wales goal
  • Consistently taken policy asks from the Alliance to ministers, civil servants and other policy-makers
  • Showcased best practices in global learning and peace education to educationalists

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