‘Young people are ferociously political’ – Education Minister praises students during digital conference on global learning in Welsh Curriculum


The first digital Successful Futures through Global Learning Conference Taster held by  Wales Alliance for Global Learning proved to be a success with a total of 109 people taking part.

Kirsty Williams MS speaking at our digital conference

Chaired by WCIA,  the conference focused on global learning and aimed to support educators to deliver the four purposes of the new Curriculum for Wales, and united schools, policy makers and government officials to focus on the role global learning will have in tackling racial equality in the new curriculum.

Welsh Minister for Education Kirsty Williams, took part in a live Q&A where participants asked questions surrounding training opportunities for educators as well as support for student teachers, aiming to achieve their Qualified Teacher Standards this year. 

When asked how we make sure that global learning and education for sustainable development still remains a priority, given the current pressures school are facing, the Minister replied: 

“I think the new curriculum protects that priority, because each of the learning of areas and experience are given equal status in the curriculum. In the new curriculum and assessment bill, the legal responsibility in the school and governing body, will be to provide a broad and balanced curriculum right up to the age of 16 and pupils will need to participate in the each of the areas of learning and experience and given the opportunities to participate, even if they are not going to sit a formal qualification in that particular area.

“Young people care deeply  about what issues are happening in their community and in the world around them” 

“Listening to children and young people, they understand more than ever, that English and maths is important but what they need is that broad and balanced curriculum and they want to engage in these issues. When I speak to young people, they are ferociously political in a non- party political way, they care deeply about what issues are happening in their community and in the world around them. They want the opportunity in school to have that space to engage in those subjects.”

Listen to the Minister’s speech and the Q&A session in full, here:



The session’s school case study was presented by Ysgol Bro Dinefwr students, Charlotte and Millie. The pair shared news about their school project as part of the Walk the Global Walk project.

Millie and Charlotte (pictured right) are two of the five Goalkeepers in their school, and the team have already hosted school assemblies to raise awareness of climate change and how students can take action.

They said:” This project has allowed us to work with other schools, pupils and teachers in Wales and from other countries. It has definitely increased our confidence, we have really enjoyed being a part of it. There will be new Goalkeepers in the schools next year, allowing other students to get involved, but we hope we we can continue to work on our long term projects and ideas in the next year. ” 

You can learn more about the Goalkeepers’ project at their school here- https://vimeo.com/402870418 

Participants also took part in group activity, which considered practical tips for using critical thinking and multiple perspectives in the classroom.

Key points from the activity, as well as useful recourses and more information from the conference can be found here – Online resources and information

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